Business Planning


Business plans cost money.  Not having a business plan will always cost you more.

So when you invest in a Cabrera Partners business plan you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best professional advice available.

Australian Businesses are doing OK but….Beware !


Australian businesses survive for a considerable time compared to international standards.

Around two–thirds of businesses are still operating after five years and almost one–half are still operating after ten years.

Although the first few years of a small businesses’ life are inevitably the most risky, most exist for a considerable length of time. 

However, business exit rates are not a good measure of business success. Many businesses struggle through a long period of organic growth.

Creating a business plan is a very specialised endeavour.
While you may be an expert in your own industry, it would be unusual for a business owner to also have the expert knowledge to create a professional business plan.  Talk to Cabrera Partners first.  We can show you previously completed business plans to give you an idea of the complexity of the task and moreover, how a well constructed business plan can transform your business.
A good attitude is a good start, but there are some things in business that you will need help with.


“We heard about the economic downturn and decided not to participate”

The most common reasons for business failure in Australia are:

  • Inadequate planning and review
  • Over-dependence on specific individuals in the business
  • Owners concentrating on the technical, rather than the strategic work at hand
  • Inadequate capitalisation
  • Inadequate management systems
  • Lack of vision, purpose or principles
  • Poor market segmentation and/or strategy
  • Failure to establish and/or communicate company goals
  • Competition or lack of market knowledge
  • Absence of standard quality program

If you have a well considered business plan, your business is not only 83% more likely not to close down, you are 3 time more likely to achieve your business and expansion goals.

At Cabrera Partners we have the track record of success.  We have the skills and experience needed to complete this important business instrument.